Dec 052009


Usually (usually) we like to post up beautiful photos of beautiful gals, not the normal “gal”, but the WWII B-17 Flying Fortress has always held a significant place for me (not sure B-17’s are Ray’s thang, but I’m sure he can appreciate it one way or another) and is always a gorgeous sight to see and fly on one that’s fully operational.  To fly in a Fortress has been a “dream” of mine ever since I can remember…a privilege and a pleasure. It’s going to require surgery to get the grin off my face for quite a while.


This was an early Christmas gift from the wife and kids, bitter sweet. I need to find another “dream” since I’ve now been there, done that, and yes, got the tee-shirt – well worth the wait and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Thanks EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association)! Can ya bring a C-47 next year?


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