Mar 112008

“Live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse.” – Nick Romano, Knock On Any Door

The most complex piece we’ve put together thus far, with almost two dozen separate elements composited together and layers that probably numbered in the hundreds. The model is Ashley Violet, make-up by Mariam Samandi and guest appearances by your two favorite photographers playing the role of detectives. It was created at a poster size, so if you want to purchase a print, just let us know.

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  7 Responses to “Dead End”

  1. wow! very nice work!

  2. Very nice photoshop work! Truly amazing picture, I had to stare it for several minutes!

  3. A spectacular outcome from all your intricate work in PS. I agree with Riika, it has a captivating effect. Excellent!

  4. I just love your work Ray. Absolutely amazing images.

  5. Very very cool. Love the processing. this shot is so neat and clear.

  6. you guys are awesome!! Hope your doing well. Miss yall

  7. Looks like something right out of Hollywood!