Jul 182007

“A local joke nicknames the Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge as the “Bill Buckner Bridge” because the two spires look like legs straddling the highway and the cars “go right through them,” alluding to Buckner’s famous error during Game 6 of the 1986 World Series” – Wikipedia

Part of the Big Dig in Boston, the Zakim Bridge came at a cost of about 100 million dollars and is a huge cable-stayed bridge. It can withstand up to 400 mph winds and was completed in 2002. It has become a famous landmark, featured in several movies and used as a backdrop for photos and interviews. The bridge’s full name (The Zakim-Bunker Hill Bridge) commemorates both Boston civic leader Leonard P. Zakim, who championed “building bridges between peoples”, and the Battle of Bunker Hill.


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