Jul 172007

“He saw the narrow, twisted, age-browned streets of Boston, then, with their sultry fragrance of fresh-roasted coffee, the sight of the manswarm passing in its million-footed weft, the distant drone and murmur of the great mysterious city all about him, the shining water of the Basin, and the murmur of the harbor and its ships, the promise of glory and of a thousand secret, lovely and mysterious women that were waiting somewhere in the city’s web.” – Thomas Wolfe, Of Time and the River

Take a tour through Boston for a day and you’ll see sites that date back hundreds of years. One of the most interesting parts of the city to me were simply the neighborhoods. 21 distinct neighborhoods make up Boston, each providing their own unique character to the city. Most of them still have that historic feel to them although obviously they have evolved over time. Nothing spectacular about the photo but I really admired the design of a lot of the neighborhoods and how they blended into the commercial districts without missing a beat it seemed.

– R

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  1. love the rich tones

  2. An interesting collection of surface textures and styles. Impressive buildings. Well done.